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6 Interesting Questions for DIY Homebuyers – Why Use a Realtor?

Hoping to get lucky and find the ideal home in the best community (for your lifestyle)?  All on your own?  DIY is the rage, but not recommended when it comes to shopping and buying your home.

Why Would You Consider Going It Alone?

Sure, you can drive around for days, weeks or more – calling agents listed on For Sale yard signs without making much progress.  But realize one thing – rather than HELPING you, they will try to SELL you. It is important to realize that the listing agent represents the seller’s best interests only.

Ask Yourself…..

  • How well do you know the area?
  • How will you find the communities that best fit your lifestyle and budget?
  • How well do you know the marketplace – homes active and sold?
  • How do you determine what to offer?
  • How well do you negotiate?
  • How would you know if you are getting a good deal …or a bad one?
  • Are you familiar with the multiple contractual and mandatory documents and specific details on each?
  • How well do you know real estate law? Don’t want to be sued.

A good, experienced Buyer’s Agent will protect your best interests and will help you by understanding YOUR needs and wants; and will build a good working relationship. It is quite possible that your ideal home is not yet on the market. A good buyer’s agent will constantly search new listings, FSBO (For Sale By Owner) and new home communities searching for the very best home for you!

The Big Myth

“I’ll save money dealing directly with the seller’s agent”!  A possibility if you have the skills, knowledge and experience of a realtor…….. and plenty of time. But, can you answer the following six questions:

  1. How much is the home worth?
  2. What should be the opening offer?
  3. How much Earnest Money is needed?
  4. Are there any problems with the home?
  5. Is it in a flood zone? Is flood insurance mandatory?
  6. What are the rules of negotiation and all the other real estate laws?

You could do all this yourself, but why stress yourself out when you can utilize the services of a real professional – an experienced buyer’s agent – and at no cost to you.

The Reality

Many potential buyers like to drive around, go to open houses, visit new home communities, inquire about FSBO’s, all with no one representing their interests. Or call listing agents on For Sale yard signs hoping to save money.  It does not work that way in real estate.

It is important to know these scenarios can have less than desirable outcomes because you, the buyer, are going it alone.

New Home Sales Agents and Listing Agents are required by law to protect their clients’ best interests (sellers and builders).

So, taking time to engage (and interview) a Realtor® will most likely take the burdens off of you as a DIY Homebuyer.  You can have a trusted advisor with valuable knowledge to share – and, all at no cost to you!

Call a Realtor at Hawkeye Realty MB for a consultation and determine next steps. 843.839.3288.

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